A Deeper Calm

Anxiety Therapy in Manhattan

Daily stresses can feel overwhelming.

There’s a common misconception that if you’re “put-together,” you shouldn’t need help handling anxiety.

But if your day-to-day life is clouded by an unsettling sense of worry or unexplained triggers, there may be deeper issues causing your stress.

People dealing with anxiety often find themselves:

Overthinking scenarios

Struggling with imposter syndrome

Feeling isolated, despite a big social circle

Avoiding situations that trigger anxiety

Walking on a tightrope between work and home life

Anxiety can be triggered by many life factors, such as:

Job pressures

Relationship challenges

Identity issues

Past experiences or traumas

General future unknowns

Find the root.
Create change.

In our sessions, we go beyond symptom relief so you can experience a deeper sense of peace.

I’m dedicated to understanding you well. We’ll demystify your thoughts and feelings and explore how your past shapes your present.

With empathetic guidance, I’ll help you understand the root causes of your anxiety and initiate meaningful changes in your life.

Ready to go there?

If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s get to know each other on a free 15-minute call.


Anxiety Therapy FAQs

What should I expect out of anxiety therapy?

Expect focused, effective strategies — combined with a compassionate and direct approach. I’m committed to understanding the “why” behind your anxiety. But I won’t stop there. Together, we’ll work on actionable strategies that empower you to control your emotional states rather than letting them control you.

How long does anxiety therapy take?

The duration of therapy is as unique as you are. My objective is to help you discover your fullest potential in the shortest time frame that feels right for you.

What approach do you use for anxiety therapy?

I employ a range of evidence-based techniques to provide a tailored approach. The method I use will be based on your needs and goals.

Do you take insurance?

Currently, I am private-pay only. But you can always check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you. I am happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company.

Do you have online therapy options?

Yes, all sessions are held online on a secure video conferencing platform. I’m also a telehealth-certified clinician, so you can do anxiety therapy from the comfort of your own home.